Mountain bikes can go from the most placid of bike paths to dropping in on the gnarliest downhill lines. If you're trying to push your limits on a bicycle you need to start with a bike that can take anything thrown in it's path. Go with a hardtail Trek Skye if it's your first time on the trails or take your skills to the next level with a full suspension Giant Lust. 

Full Suspension

If you're looking to conquer any trail and ride through all types of terrain then a full suspension bike is what you're looking for! These bikes come with front and rear suspension enabling you to keep your wheels firmly planted on the ground for improved traction during climbs and to devour bumps on descents. The Trek Lush and Giant Lust are ideal for all-mountain riders looking to descend as fast as possible and scramble up just about any uphill with ease.

Hard Tail

Hard tail mountain bikes are for those looking to have a fast and responsive cross-country ride on any trail. These bikes are lighter than full suspension bikes and fantastic options for those looking to get into mountain biking without "breaking the bank". The Trek Superfly is a great model for going fast over any distance while the Trek Cali and Giant Enchant are perfect for entry-level riders finding their flow on the trail.

Plus Tires and Fat Bikes

If you've been on the trails over the last couple of years you've probably seen some bikes with mid-fat tires and fat bikes with up to 5" wide wheels thundering down singletrack and roaming basically anywhere the rider desires. These bikes were initially designed for snow and sand but have become a singletrack favorite for riders looking to roll over anything in their path. The Trek Farley is one of the top-selling fat bikes on the market and if you're looking for a plush but more nimble ride then check out the Trek Stache+ or Fuel EX Plus bikes which feature a narrower tire for better control.