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Smartwool has taken the moisture-wicking, antimicrobial, natural warmth of wool and made it smarter by removing the itch! They took this newer “smarter” wool and developed a layering system where all layers work in conjunction without bunching or being bulky against the skin. Smatwool’s wool fibers also contain small pockets of air that act as a buffering layer to help regulate your body temperature and keep you from overheating.

You’re probably thinking that Smartwool couldn’t get any better but you’d be wrong because all of their wool is naturally renewable! Harvesting wool uses significantly less energy than it takes to manufacture man-made synthetics which are fossil fuel dependent, not to mention wool is recyclable, biodegradable, and backed by a life-time guarantee. Try out the smartest natural outdoor apparel today and feel the difference!

Smartwool Socks Sale - Buy Men's, Women's & Kids Wool Socks Online

You have probably heard a fellow athlete talk about their Smartwool socks and how revolutionary they are.  You most likely thought to yourself – wool socks – no thanks!  These, however, are not your ordinary wool socks. In-fact many consumers across the country believe that Smartwool is the best wool sock on the market! Most men and women associate the roughness and warmth of wool socks to the ever popular Smartwool socks that many athletes were year round.

Smartwool socks are made from Merino wool, which is an extraordinary fiber that can out-perform cotton and synthetic socks all day long.  Not only does it control moisture, but it is more comfortable than any sock you will ever try.  Here is some additional information you might want to know about Smartwool socks:

  • Sheep – yes, that’s right, let’s start with the sheep.  In order to have excellent quality wool, it needs to start with the sheep.  Smartwool is made from Merino wool, which only comes from sheep located in the Southern Hemisphere.  The varying temperatures attribute to the unique coat of wool which keep the sheep warm in the cold weather and cool in the hot weather.  There coat is light, fine, white, strong and smooth, which makes for the excellent quality you receive in Smartwool.
  • Construction - the techniques used to create the Smartwool are very innovative.  These special knitting techniques maximize the benefits of the wool, providing comfort and performance.
  • Technology – Smartwool socks use a 4 degree fit system, which provides a secure, yet comfortable fit.  The 4 areas focused are the upper instep band, ankle band, lower instep band, and arch band.  The WOW (wool-on-wool) technology helps to maximize the amount of wool that is against the skin.  This method provides more comfort, especially in the impact zones (heel and forefoot).
  • Fit & Design – with nearly two decades of perfecting this product, the fit and design of the Smartwool sock is perfect for everyone.  Not only will you look good wearing Smartwool socks, but you will feel good and get the support you need.
  • Care – unlike many other wool products, the care of Smartwool is easy.  You are able to add Smartwool socks right in with the rest of your laundry.  No special care instructions needed.

If you have been searching for a sock that provides moisture management (it will not retain the water and sweat) and is comfortable, no matter what your activity level, then Smartwool socks should be your choice. At North Star Sports, you will find a large selection of men's and women's Smartwool socks for sale! The innovative technology and design used in these socks, allows Smartwool to be the best wool sock on the market.

Smarwool Socks Discount

Are you interested in purchasing a pair of smart wool socks online, but only if you can get them at a discounted price? At North Star Sports, we have select styles of smart wool socks on sale to help you save a few bucks! Simply browse our inventory of Smart Wool socks, and contact us right away if you have any questions or concerns. Not only will you find the best selection of smart wool socks online, but we can also help you care for your new socks. Head over to our blog if you want learn how to wash smart wool socks to ensure they last a lifetime.