Classic Bike Service                                                                  

only $59.99

  • Safety check and evaluation.
  • Preventative maintenance suggestions and safety check of your bike.
  • Our Service Technicians will thoroughly go through and adjust the components on your bike to manufacturer specifications.
  • Adjustment of all bearings.
  • Adjust front and rear brakes.
  • Adjust and align front and rear derailleur with proper cable adjustment.
  • Handle bar, shifters, stem, pedals, crank, wheel fasteners, and seat post tightened to torque specifications.
  • Chain lubrication.
  • Horizontal truing of front and rear wheels.
  • Adjustment of headset bearings.

Comprehensive Bike Service

ORIGINALLY 89.99                                             

  • Includes all services provided by our Classic Bike Service option.
  • Install gear cables and housing.
  • Cassette, derailleur, brake and shift cable lubrication.
  • Wheels are trued off bike in stand.
  • Service parts and accessories are extra.
  • Ultrasonic cleaning of your chain, cassette, and derailleurs.

 Annual Bike Service                                                       


  • Includes all services provided by our Comprehensive Bike Service option.
  • 10% discount on accessories and repair parts.
  • Clean and polish frame.
  • Adjust hubs, headset and bottom bracket.
  • Lubricate external parts.
  • Suspension services are extra.

The Spa Treatment                                                                               


  • Includes all services provided by our Annual Bike Service option.
  • We remove your wheels, crankset, pedals, front and rear derailleur, seat and seat post.
  • We clean, wash and polish your frame and fork with a silicone wax treatment.
  • After wheels are trued and retensioned, we clean spokes, hubs, rims and tire sidewalls.
  • Cassette, chain, chainrings, crankset and derailleurs are removed, washed in an environmentally friendly cleaner, then each are lubricated.
  • Clean brake pads and calipers.
  • Replace rusted or corroded water bottle and stem bolts.
  • New handlebar tape and grips are included (up to $20.00 value) and a $15% discount off any other service parts!

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